Retrofit Cut-to-Length Lines

Your Single Source for Stretch Leveling Machines & Complete Cut to Length Lines


React. Retrofit. Reap.

The Leveltek Stretch Leveler fits easily into new or existing cut-to-length lines. Our unique design concepts, stretch leveling technology and turnkey solutions give you a big advantage over competitors.

With few moving parts, leveling occurs reliably and consistently, helping you to meet or exceed your productivity goals.

Since 1993, we’ve been installing our equipment in steel production facilities worldwide. Clearly, our superior technology fills a vital market need.

The characteristics and advantages of Leveltek Stretch Leveling include:

  • High reliability; more up-time
  • Versatility
  • Stretches light and heavy gauge products by unique mechanical advantage
  • Few moving parts; commercially available
  • Fast installation period; modular design
  • Built on a flat concrete floor; no foundation digging
  • Costs far less than a new line

Waves & Buckles are Visible Defects. MEMORY is NOT!

Leveltek The Competition
2-Week Installation, Maximum YES NO
Fits with Existing Line & Terminal Equipment YES NO
Bolted to Concrete Floor; No Foundation Required YES NO
Portable YES NO
All Component Parts Commercially Available YES NO


To make sure you’re getting the best value in stretch leveling systems, depend on Leveltek!

View our brief video on our newly installed Stretch Leveler within Del Metals’ cut-to-length line.